Alonso Teixeira Miguel
Alonso Teixeira Miguel Regional Secretary for the Environment and Climate Change


Welcome Note

Our islands are recognised for their high levels of environmental quality, so it is necessary to safeguard all their natural heritage through nature conservation and preservation, as well as mitigating the effects of climate change.

The Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Change has as its mission to ensure the maintenance of environmental quality, nature conservation, the protection of ecosystems, as well as the management of water resources and efficient spatial planning.  

This department has established as a priority the focus on renewable energy production, strengthening the focus on energy microgeneration, and also intends to move forward with the transition to electric mobility. The improvement of efficiency in the prevention and management of waste in the Region will also be a priority.

We will also give special attention to the management of water resources and the protection of the most vulnerable and sensitive ecosystems. We will pursue effective spatial planning, landscape protection and environmental enhancement policies, integrating the civil society and involving local authorities as well as all economic agents.

We all have the duty to ensure our sustainability in the present without compromising forthcoming generations.

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