Manuel Humberto Lopes São João
Manuel Humberto Lopes São João Regional Secretary for the Sea and Fisheries


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The Azores sea represents a significant part of the country's vast area under maritime jurisdiction. For the Azores, the sea has always played a very important role, namely in its development, influencing the economy and shaping its own identity.

Given the relevance of the Azores sea, the Regional Secretariat for the Sea and Fisheries (SRMP), a department of the XIII Regional Government, was created with the aim of providing a more adequate response to the pursuit of the Region's interests in the sectors of the sea, fisheries and fisheries inspection.

The SRMP is responsible for the definition and implementation of regional policies in the areas of oceanography, fisheries and aquaculture, enhancement and preservation of the marine environment, as well as other matters related to the sea. They include the planning and management of the coastline and marine protected areas, and maritime spatial planning. 

Based on a global vision of promoting a healthy ocean, through a sustainable blue economy, the regional strategy for the Azores Sea is of particular importance, as well as the Azores Maritime Spatial Planning Plan, as structural elements to develop and leverage the economy of the sea.

It is also important to mention that the regional policies for the governance of the ocean will be based on co-management work to promote an integrated and sustainable management, aligning the interests of various political and economic agents and stakeholders. They will always rely on the contribution of researchers, fishers and associations of the sector. 

"Welcome to the website of the Regional Secretariat for the Sea and Fisheries (SRMP)"

Aware that the economic viability and competitiveness of the fisheries sector entail the definition of strategies that take into account the state of resources, the SRMP will focus on the scientific assessment of the target resources of different fishing activities. This may eventually lead to the adaptation of the fleet to existing resources, always safeguarding the social and economic component of the sector. 
Considering that the sea represents a fundamental pillar for the future viability of the Azores, the Regional Secretariat for the Sea and Fisheries is committed to strengthening fundamental instruments for the implementation of Community policies and the respective national and regional support policies for the sea sector. 

The Regional Secretary for the Sea and Fisheries
Manuel Humberto Lopes São João

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