Welcome Note

Welcome to the website of the Regional Directorate for Maritime Policies.

Our most important mission is to add value to the Azores sea by increasing its usefulness while maintaining its splendour and ensuring its environmental quality. We attach special importance to the activities related to the protection of the marine environment, including the implementation or reinforcement of marine protected areas, and their biodiversity.

This new service aims to provide a response to challenges such as the implementation of the Azores Marine Park, the conclusion of the Maritime Spatial Plan in the Azores, always taking into account the contribution to the maintenance or recovery of the environmental quality of the Azores sea.

With the aim of stimulating the balance between the different pillars of sustainable development, we will contribute to the development of new activities based on the use of marine resources, such as the production of renewable energies as an alternative to fossil fuels. As a consequence of the misuse of thermal energy worldwide, this service will be in charge of coordinating the investment deemed necessary to adapt Azorean coastal areas to global climate change.

All these activities may be followed by active citizens committed to an informed and responsible participation within the limits set by law.