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Welcome Note

Welcome to another space dedicated to health in the Region.

Health is a fundamental area nowadays. Physical well-being and mental well-being greatly contribute to the enrichment of the population at various levels. A healthy population contributes to a high level of self-esteem in the Region, leading to higher productivity and a healthier family environment.
However, health in the Azores Autonomous Region is not only about access to primary care through health care or access to differentiated care at hospitals. It also involves a health education area whose mission is to promote and disseminate measures towards the better use of health services by the population as well as to foster the participation of the community in the various health policy goals of the Region. 
Therefore, the Regional Directorate for Health (DRS) is responsible for promoting this service as the operating system of the Regional Secretariat for Health (SReS) in the coordination, supervision, study and technical-normative support of the health sector. 

In a digital era, it is the responsibility of the DRS to use all the technological means at its disposal to disseminate its services, making them available to the population in general. The use of this portal is, thus, justified as an effective means to achieve these goals. 
This space provides institutional, generic and functional information on regional health, through different types of support material for health users. From online forms to all kinds of news and events, this will be a dynamic area, so that users may find on these pages a point of interest for later consultation and useful information for sporadic consultation. 
Your participation is valuable to make this health space even more complete. If you want to make any contribution to this site or even comments and suggestions, please do so at the email

Thank you.