December 5, 2023 - Published 136 days, 12 hours and 34 minutes ago
Artur Lima insists on adjusting salary scales for Lajes Base workers
location Angra do Heroísmo

Vice-Presidência do Governo Regional

The Vice-President of the Regional Government, Artur Lima, announced today in Angra do Heroísmo that an "extraordinary labour commission will be scheduled at the beginning of next year" to "find a technical solution to avoid a compression of salary scales" for Lajes Base workers.

"For the first time, the US has acknowledged that there is a labour issue at Lajes Base and has shown its willingness to make adjustments to the salary scales," he said.

"This also requires a commitment from the Nationaç Government in this regard. The Azores did what was their duty: to bring this issue to the Bilateral Commission, to insist on a solution to the problem and to point out the injustice of this salary scale at the moment," he continued.

Artur Lima, accompanied by the Regional Director for European Affairs and External Cooperation, Carlos Amaral, spoke today at the Capitães-Generais Palace during a press conference for the presentation of the conclusions of the 50th meeting of the Permanent Bilateral Commission (PBC) between Portugal and the United States of America, which took place on Terceira Island.

Speaking to the press, the Vice-President stressed that the Regional Government was "firm" in "demanding answers at a labour and environmental level," recalling the need for a solution to the salary scales and the "firm defence of the full decontamination of Praia da Vitória's soils and aquifers."

From an environmental standpoint, he emphasised that there is "interest on the part of the US in taking significant steps to solve and mitigate this issue."

"The US delegation emphasised that more probes will be installed to monitor soil and aquifer contamination, having committed to continuing the removal of pollutants from the aquifer," he said.

Artur Lima was pleased with the "openness" of the US to "move forward with scientific and technological cooperation and energy transition" as well as with the willingness to contribute to the social and economic development of the Region.

Artur Lima also noted that he addressed, during the meeting, the "possibility of installing a US customs office on Terceira Island," a matter to be discussed at the next Permanent Bilateral Commission to "assess its feasibility."

The 50th CBP began on Monday with visits to the Lajes Base and the Terceira Island Science and Technology Park - TERINOV. It ended today with the official meeting at the Capitães-Generais Palace in Angra do Heroísmo.

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