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Welcome to CIECC, the 2nd International Conference on Circular Economy in the Construction Sector - From Vision to Reality: Building Circular, Building Sustainable, in the Azores.

n this 2nd edition, CIECC challenges the entire scientific community to reflect on circular and sustainable construction, aiming to transform a utopian vision into real perspectives, answers, and challenges. Organized by the Regional Secretariat for Tourism, Mobility, and Infrastructure of the Government of the Azores through the Regional Laboratory for Civil Engineering, this edition focuses on the latest scientific and technical advancements in circular economy practices within the construction sector.


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The 2th International Conference on Circular Economy in the Construction Sector will take place in the Azores.

The Azores is a nature and experiment destination, focusing on the preservation of resources and the preservation of the natural legacy of the archipelago.

This paved the way for the first archipelago in the world to win the label ‘Sustainable Tourism Destination’ under the Sustainable EarthCheck Destination programme. In this way, the Azores entered the short list of sustainable tourist destinations in the world. This distinction was only the principle of a continuous improvement path, focusing on the present but also in the future, with the main aim of raising these sustainability standards and in 2024 obtaining a new certification, as a sustainable tourist destination according to the Azores DMO, the entity responsible for the sustainability management of the tourist destination Azores.



César Cardoso

Kayla Friedman

Rita Moura