Marta Isabel Vieira Guerreiro
Marta Isabel Vieira Guerreiro Secretaria Regional cessante da Energia, Ambiente e Turismo - Exonerada na data de 24 de novembro de 2020


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Welcome Note

This Regional Secretariat, which congregates sectors such as Energy, Environment and Tourism, represents the Azorean Government's concern to boost the economic growth of our archipelago with the uncompromising preservation of the characteristics that make our islands different and peculiar in the world.

Therefore, we advocate that tourism development in the Azores should, necessarily, provide a unique environmental offer, combined with energy sustainability, in a concerted strategy towards the safeguarding of natural resources that will enhance the tourism activity of the archipelago as a nature destination.

We want to fulfil these purposes by living up to the brand “Certified by Nature” in order to enhance the harmony between wealth generation and employment creation in the Region, without ever disregarding the implications of tourism growth on fragile natural ecosystems. We will always take action, first and foremost, in the defence of our natural heritage! This is our most important asset!

Be with us and participate!

Please use the email for questions, suggestions or comments.

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